Nuisance Abatement

The Detroit Land Bank Authority launched its improved Nuisance Abatement Program (NAP) in the Spring of 2014. Since its revival, NAP has made strides in reaching its ultimate goal: Combating blight in order to rebuild dilapidated neighborhoods for the general health, safety, and welfare of the community.

To rebuild neighborhoods and revitalize communities, NAP files lawsuits against vacant properties. NAP focuses on properties that are boarded, open to trespass, neglected, and/or dangerous throughout the city of Detroit. These properties are identified through governmental data, onsite inspectors, local community groups, and concerned neighbors. Once verified, NAP conducts a title search and tax record search to determine ownership and interested parties. A formal complaint is then filed against the property and notice is sent to all addresses of all interested parties of record.

The complaint requests owners to renovate their property for the benefit of the community or risk losing their rights to the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

NAP targets properties within defined areas. These areas as well as the properties within the areas have been identified in collaboration with the City of Detroit’s District Managers. For the NAP team to pursue a property, the property must be 1) Privately-owned, 2) Vacant, and 3) Located within the defined boundaries. As a resident or community organization, there are two steps you can take:

1)    Blext the property! DLBA’s NAP Team uses blexted data (and other sources) to gather information and make decisions about properties. Community knowledge of properties is the most valuable and blexting provides a space for that insider information.

2)    Report the property to your District Manager.

More Information About the Nuisance Abatement Program

View a Map of Nuisance Abatement Program Boundaries

How the Nuisance Abatement Process Works

Contact Information

To report a property that you want to be ticketed call (313) 628-2451.
To enter a property into the City’s demolition process please call (313) 224-3215.

To report illegal drug activity please call (313) 224-DOPE.
To reach the Detroit Land Bank Authority Legal Department call (313) 502-5280.


Common Evidence Exhibit C for Nuisance Complaints
Common Exhibits for Drug House Complaints
Before & After Presentation