November 2017 – Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA)Procurement Office will transition to electronic bidding for Non-HHF procurements.

This fall, the DLBA Procurement Office is implementing an eProcurement System –BidSync. BidSync will allow the DLBA to streamline the bidding and contracting process. As a supplier, BidSync will give you access to:

  • An online supplier portal where you update and manage your own information and forms;
  • Automated bid notifications for newly published bids, amendments, confirmation of bid submission, and forms nearing expiration;
  • Up to date bid documents and information;
  • Electronic bid submission, including a confirmation email; and
  • When awarded, electronic contract signing of the contract by the supplier and all DLBA signatories

Bidding on Work with the Detroit Land Bank Authority

Once BidSync is implemented, suppliers will bid on work through the process outlined below.

Important Reminders for Your Business


Here are some important reminders for your business as you submit offers through the BidSyncsystem:

If you have any questions, please contact the procurement team at nonhhfbidsyncsupport@detroitlandbank.org

For technical system questions, call or email BidSync directly at

1-800-990-9339or support@bidsync.com