Public Affairs

DLBA Public Affairs Team

  • Craig Fahle, Director of Public Affairs
  • Rod Liggons, Community Relations Manager
  • Rochelle Smith, Marketing and Client Service Manager
  • Monique Styles-Perdue, Graphics Specialist
  • Rodney Wilson,  Community Relations Associate

Phone: (313) 974-6869


DLBA is looking for community partners to strengthen the reach and impact of its programs on the people of Detroit. There are many ways to partner with DLBA:

  • Invite DLBA to present at your next community meeting. Much of this work is dependent on getting the word out.
  • Invite DLBA to present Auction information at your Homebuyer Education Training. The most successful bidders are those who are knowledgeable of the program and can access the resources they need for homeownership.
  • Promote the opportunity of ownership to your community. Tell others about the auction and side lot sales. Follow DLBA on Facebook and Twitter (@buildingdet) and share the good news!
  • Organize residents in your neighborhood to keep an eye on vacant properties. DLBA is moving as fast as possible to get its properties taken care of but we need your help.
  • Blext! Blexting is a mobile application that allows people to photographically survey properties and update information for public posting to Motor City Mapping, a public system used in part by DLBA to make decisions about properties. Community knowledge of these properties is the most valuable and blexting provides a space for that insider information. Blext now or request a training.
  • Set up a meeting for you or your staff with a DLBA representative to learn more about the programs and opportunities.