Our Leadership Team


Saskia Thompson, Executive Director
Irene Tucker,
Chief Financial Officer 
Michael Brady, General Counsel, Legal
Craig Fahle, Director, Public Affairs
Darnell Adams, Director, Inventory
Reginald Scott, Director, Disposition

Tammy Daniels, Deputy General Counsel, Legal
Robert Linn, Deputy Director, Inventory
Erika Cochran, Controller, Finance

Finance: Accounting, Finance and Fundraising
Legal: Legal Counsel, N.A.P., Quiet Title,  and Rehabilitation Compliance
Public Affairs: Community Relations, Marketing, Events & Media Relations and Client Service
Demolition: Hardest Hit Funds, NSP & Private Donations
Inventory: Acquisitions, Inventory & Pipeline Management and Field Data Support
Disposition: Sales & Programs, Closings and Projects
Operations: Information Technology, Office Management and Data Solutions
Human Resources

Organizational Chart